Adventurer, Scientist, Mountain Leader and more: Huw James on Daily Notes

Tell us your background.

My name is Huw James, an Adventurer, Scientist and Presenter from South Wales, UK. My background is in Astronomy and Space Science and am now a professional Science Communicator. My job is breaking down complex science into understandable chunks in the hope of inspiring a new generation of curious minds. Was born and raised in the Welsh valleys and still live here, though I get to travel a lot so it’s nice to come home after every trip!


What hobbies are you into and how did you get into it?

I’m one of those lucky people whose hobbies are their job. I do a lot of outdoor work, as well as climbing I’m a climbing instructor, and as well as mountaineering I’m a trained Mountain Leader. I also love playing with and talking about Science which means my work isn’t all that bad. Being so busy though and juggling lots of hobbies and projects means its super handy that I can organise my fun and work a week, month or year into the future with Daily Notes.


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Ex-Military/ Retired Motorola Engineer’s Take on Daily Notes

We saw Web Baker’s enthusiastic feedback about Daily Notes, about how he turned it into a great Time Management System app and we just have to ask him his thoughts on life, passions and of course, Daily Notes.


Tell us your background.
Spent three years in the Army and achieved the rank of Sargent.

After leaving the Army, I got a job at Motorola.

At Motorola, I worked in the Printed Wiring Facility, and was promoted to a Process Engineer, in my Senior year at ASU.
I retired from Motorola,  after (30) years and went to work for Maricopa County Environmental Services. Started out as a Microsoft Access Programmer, helping one Divisions modify/trouble shoot their databases. From there I went into Enforcement for a few years, ending up retiring from Business Services where I worked for and with the best ever people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I retired from there after (16) years in October 2014.

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