Ways to Harness the Power of Habit to Build a Set of Healthy Habits

Routines make our life easier. If you had to think hard doing the most mundane of things like brushing our teeth or putting on slippers, our brains will be on overload and our willpower will tire out easily.

Automation of behavior saves us brain and will power. Habits are powerful as it helps us streamline mundane decisions, saving our mental capacity and energy for more complicated ones.

Forming new habits and leaving behind old ones can be quite a pickle. If it was that easy, then everyone will follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. Tricky as it maybe, it can be done. You just need to understand first the basics behind the science of habit-forming.

Building a habit has a process which the scientists call the “habit loop.” It has 3 parts; a cue, a routine and a reward. Say for example, using toothpaste. Nobody used it about a hundred years ago. But a certain guy named Claude Hopkins introduced its concept via the habit loop.

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How to Add Pictures to your Notes on both your iPad and iPhone

A picture is worth a thousand words. It contains a visual information that you might not clearly get from a note, making it quite a helpful feature. For interior designers, architects, event managers and related occupation, such a function will be quite beneficial in easily showing and emailing your colleagues and clients about a certain venue, decoration or other relevant information.

You can easily attach pictures to your notes on Daily Notes, both on iPad and iPhone.


Here’s how you do it on your iPad:

1. Tap on the “Add” icon on the bottom toolbar.

daily notes_best diary ipad app_1

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Tips on How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Vacation

Vacations can go one of two ways; for the planner they can be ironically stressful and vice versa for the others tagging along. If you are the unintended planner, it can be quite a feat to pull off without pulling your hair out, especially if you’re planning for a large group or your picky family members.
Worry not, you just need careful planning and preparation.

Plan it months ahead.
It will give you ample time to look for promotions and deals online. Plus you can save more for your vacation.

Figure out a realistic budget.
Come up with a number and try to stick to it. Don’t go out splurge and exclaim “sky’s the limit!” You still need to pay for your regular bills, rent and such after you go back from your vacation so take note of that.

Have a theme activity in mind.
Find activities that the whole can family can enjoy and stick to that. Do they love swimming? Are they nature lovers? Would they prefer trekking in exotic places? Think of the wants of the majority and not only what you want on your vacation.

Start researching and booking.
With the budget and theme in mind, you can now start searching online for vacation destinations. Look first for deals and promotions and packages first. It will be much more easer on your budget. Consider the cost, how comfortable the accommodations will be, what are the added deals and such.

List down options.
Don’t just stick to one destination. Have some backup. Make a checklist and compare all options. You can create several Tabs in Daily Notes for all your options and place the related details there, such as airfare cost, accommodation, a PDF of tours and packages and more. Save these options and send it to your family via email.

daily notes_journal app_voice recording app_to-do list app

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Using Daily Notes as a Time Management App

Mastering time management will make a big difference not only in your work life but also in your personal one as well. It’s a ongoing process that would require discipline, commitment and of course, the right tools.

You can actually create your very own time management system right in Daily Notes by doing the following:

Compartmentalize your activities or goals.
Create a Tab for each aspect of your life or goals. Label them accordingly, eg. make a tab for your goals: Lose Weight. Create another tab for your Work. A third one for your Projects and so on and so forth.

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