Time Management Tips

Struggling to keep track of your all tasks and activities? Get some inspiration on how to handle your schedule by reading some time management tips from people from all walks of life; entrepreneurs, moms, creatives, celebrities and more.

reference: Startup Collective – Anthony Robbins

• Create a goal post in Daily Notes and focus on improving one of your key strength or start learning and concentrating on a certain skill. Set exercises, note down your improvements and track your progress.

reference: Udemy blog – Stephen King

• Unload some to-do lists from your life. Go and list down every single tasks in mind in Daily Notes and sort and edit them out later. Then start doing and finishing them.

reference: Entrepreneur  – Matt Mayberry

Entrepreneur contributor, Speaker and Maximum Performance Strategist, CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises

reference:  Fast Company – David Rusenko   

• List down to-do lists in Daily Notes. Manage your tasks well by setting the priority level for each.

reference: Fortune – Anne Fisher

reference: Fast Company – Oliver Burkeman

reference: Fast Company – Leo Babauta

• Tick of completed tasks in Daily Notes and check the pending tasks and also, see how much you’ve done for the day.

reference: Life Hack – Jennifer Aniston

reference: Startup Collective – James Clear

reference: Life Hack – Chris Guillebeau

reference: The Guardian – Nicola Horlick

reference: Brian Tracy

reference: Preston Lee


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