An Excellent & Aesthetic Workhorse

Have trouble remembering the decision path? What your sales team said 2 weeks ago? What the issue is that needs to be solved for one of dozens of clients and products? Points you wanted to remember from our reading?

I recommend this app as a standard tool for everyone who has dialogues, meeting notes and decisions that need to be remembered and retrieved. I use it everyday, throughout the day in my management of 3 departments and keep track of progress, discussions and decisions across multiple projects.The power is in the easy capture and easy review.
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How to Become More Efficient by Prioritizing Tasks

Finishing important tasks creates a feeling of accomplishment, giving you more motivation to plough through the secondary projects and lesser requirements.

Prioritize tasks by organising its urgency and scope. Lay it out on a paper or for a more convenient way, log it in Daily Notes.

On Daily Notes, you can prioritize tasks, from low, medium and high. You can also easily what needs to be finished for the day, when is its due date and those that are pending. You can easily move a tasks around, depending on its urgency and your schedule.

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Farewell Franklin Planner

Hi Daily Notes, where the hell were you all my digital life!

No, seriously, it feels this app was designed specifically for me. I was a big fan of Franklin Planners and have used them for years to organize my overly busy life to get back into focus. They are great and I still love them but come one, it is the 21st century and wanted to go digital where ever possible. Daily Notes does it perfectly for me.

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How to Plan Your Day With Daily Notes


Preparing for day ahead starts with a plan. Effectively managing one’s time in this fast paced world is a precious skill that only the most organised and the most productive have ever mastered. Learning how to do it right takes time but you can start off surely but surely by planning your day digitally using Daily Notes.

1. Take note of your regular tasks. 

It’s quite an obvious step but giving some thought on what you really do on a daily basis can be a big help in organising your schedule. So lists all the work, tasks, responsibilities that you can think of.

Open up your Daily Notes and tap on the slider arrow on the left to view your Calendar. Choose a date for your tasks and start writing your notes and even add in a title.
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